Feature Match turn 10

Federico Zoppini Vs Michele Bergamasco

With the last round, let’s feature Two type of decks we haven’t seen so far: Federico da Padova’s Psychic against Michele da Udine’s Infernity. They both collected 7 victories, 1 draw and 1 loss during the event. Federico starts with Creature SwapSerene Psychic WitchPsychic OverloadPot of DualityTorrential Tribute and Caius the Shadow Monarch in his hand.

Federico activates Pot and reveals Creature SwapDust Tornado and Esper GirlTwister is Federico’s choice, then he sets Witch, Torrential, Overload and Twister. Michele activates Reinforcement of the Army to get Dark Grepher, which is normally summoned. Infernity Beetle is send to the Graveyard from the hand while Infernity Archfiend from the Deck, then Michele Sets 4 Spell or Trap and ends his turn. Federico draws Monster Reborn, and then Summons Witch for Discovery and activates Creature Swap.

The control of Witch and Grepher changes, so Federico attacks with his summoned monster, but gets a Mirror Force. Michele Sets a Spell or Trap and attacks directly with Witch. Federico draws Silent Psychic Wizard, and activates Monster Reborn on Archfiend. Michele negates it with Solemn Warning and Federico ends his turn. Michele Summons Infernity Beetle, Tribute it and another copy is Summoned from the Deck. Federico replies with Torrential, monsters are destroyed and Esper Girl is removed by the Witch. Michele activates Infernity Break, removes Beetle and targets Twister, which Federico immediately chains. Infernity Inferno is destroyed, and Michele activates Call of the Haunted on Archfiend. Thanks to Archfiend Michele adds Infernity Launcher to his hand from the deck and uses it to put 2 Beetle on the Field. All Michele monsters attack, during Main Phase 2 Beetle and Archfiend leave their place to Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth, which in the end is synchronized with the second Beetle for Scrap Dragon. Michele activates Dragon’s effect, and Call and Overload are destroyed.

Now it’s Federico’s turn. He draws Mirror Force, Esper Girl is Special-Summoned and Mind Control is removed from the top of the Deck, thenEsper Girl is tributed for Caius. Esper makes Mind Control getting back to Federico’s hands, and Caius removes Scrap Dragon, then attacks directly. Federico Sets Mirror and ends his turn. Michele draws and Sets one monster. Federico draws Pandaborg, activates Mind Control on a face-down Grepher and Summons Pandaborg. Federico’s monsters’ 2 direct Attacks end the first duel.

D.D. CrowDust Tornado, 2 Chain Disappearance e 2 Bottomless Trap Hole are in for the second duel, replacing Giant Rat, 2 Creature SwapMind ControlMirror ForceCall of the Haunted and Psychic Overload.

Michele Summons Grepher and discards Infernity Avenger, sending Infernity Necromancer to the Graveyard, then he Sets 2 Spell or Trap and ends his turn. Federico has Disappear, Caius, D.D. Crow, 2 Esper Girl and Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. Federico Sets Esper and Disappear, then his turn ends. Michele activates Infernity Inferno, discards another Inferno and sends Archfiend. Michele Summons Infernity Mirage, he Tributes it and targets Necromancer and Archfiend, But Federico chains D.D. on Archfiend. Archfiend is removed and Necromancer is specially Summoned, faced up in defensive position. Michele activates Necromancer’s effect on Avenger, but Federico activates Disappear.

The Necromancers are removed and Avenger is on the Field, so Michele Synchronizes his 2 monsters for Stygian Sergeants, which attacks Federico’s Esper. Esper is destroyed and Sergeants attacks directly, but Federico Summons Gorz and one Monster Token 3000/3000 in defensive position. Federico draws Pandaborg, and then attacks Sergeants. Sergeants is destroyed and Avenger goes back with Level 5. In Main Phase 2 Federico Tributes Gorz and Summons Caius, Michele replies with Torrential Tribute, then Federico’s turn ends. Michele draws and Sets 1 Spell or Trap. Federico draws Effect Veiler, Summons Pandaborg and attacks with it. Michele draws and makes the same move he made before. Federico draws a second Veiler and Pandaborg attacks directly again.

Michele Sets one face-down monster card. Federico draws Psychic Wizard trying to summon it, but Michele activates Solemn JudgmentPandaborg attacks destroying Stygian Street Patrol, Avenger is Summoned from the Graveyard as Livello 4, thenFederico ends his turn. Michele Sets 1 Spell or Trap. Federico draws a Giant Trunade, which is suddenly activated, thenSummons Esper Girl to Synchronize with Pandaborg for Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Federico discards Veiler for Brionac, Avenger is bounced back in Michele’s hand, then Brionac attacks, ending the duel. Federico has won.